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melissa green
music for families
began singing with kids while she was teaching at beginnings nursery in nyc in 2003. with the encouragement from the school, melissa learned how to play guitar and became the music and movement specialist.  inspired by her students, melissa began writing songs and with the help of a very talented friend and producer, beau elliott, they began writing and recording together.  

melissa, now living in la, continues to teach private music playgroups while performing around the country. in addition to music, melissa co-runs a summer camp in la called “magic in the forest” with her bff, sue bell  melissa also is a yoga booty ballet teacher.   melissa loves making art and her favorite place is her kitchen. she has a wife named lauren, a cat named cosmo, a dog named rose, a son named jones and her favorite food is pizza...and cookies and milk. 

BRUCE LAWRENCE (lead guitar, producer)
was melissa’s guitar teacher when she moved to la in 2005. he then became the first bandmate! he is a guitar teacher, songwriter, producer and plays in a number of bands including belladonna and jared young. bruce grew up in arkansas, has a dog named turtle, can juggle and his favorite food is anything mexican - especially chicken burritos and carnitas. 

LISA PARADE (drums, trumpet, glockenspiel, vocals, producer)
met melissa in 2006 as a drummer and since then they have become great friends. melissa sings and plays glockenspiel in lisa’s band, the lisa parade. lisa produced the album, Sing Loud! and wrote many of the songs with melissa.  her new band is called no small children.  lisa teaches orchestra to 5th and 6th graders and has a dog named monkey. she grew up in boston, loves watching football going to the  grocery store. her favorite food is cucumbers, spaghetti and meatballs and potato leek soup (if its not too salty).

started playing with melissa in 2008.  he is an actor, improvisor and also sings and plays guitar with his band, the cotillionaires. he grew up in orange county and was the standing long jump champion of his hometown in 5th grade. he has a dog named loafy and his favorite food is roasted broccoli that his fiance makes.

MIKE GRAHAM (drums) 
has been playing drums since he attended wilcoxson elementary school in stratford, ct. he knew melissa back then and in 2005, he married melissa’s sister, kate. they have two kids, mj and laney. mike has recorded on the first 2 albums, can been seen in the dvd and plays with melissa when she is touring in connecticut.  mike loves riding his quad, taking care of his yard, and hanging out in his music room with his family. he has a dog named emma and his favorite food is cheeseburgers.

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