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melissa green
music for families
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"This is mom music that kids will dig.  Just try listening to "My Love"...without getting teary." - People Weekly

Lullabies have their time and place. But sometimes you want to rock — not rock them to sleep. That’s where Melissa Green comes in.....With a guitar and lush, take-charge vocals, Green rips pop/blues/country jams that inspire kids to jump to their feet. - Daily Candy

You’ll want to sing along — loudly — with these tunes! They’ll get you pumped up and make you feel good about just being you. Melissa has a strong voice and catchy melodies that encourage you to be yourself, walk confidently and have fun doing it. - Washington post

“A Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner” - Sing Loud!
      -”Guitarist, singer-songwriter Melissa Green's                  
  infectious classic rock and pop songs move like crazy..”

"I'm loud and I'm proud! Teaming up with mom of two Brooke Shields (who makes her kiddie tunes debut as a guest artist in two duets), Melissa Green's Sing Loud! is all about encouraging your pint-size performer's individuality, courage and pride. " -

"Featuring a dozen super catchy tunes with sweet melodies and cheerful lyrics, Melissa’s vocals have been described as “distinctive, warm and wide open”, and I happily concur." 

Sing Loud! is for all ages of kiddos; even “tweens” will love it! The songs deliver upbeat and positive messages while providing catchy lyrics and
danceable beats. I really think this is an awesome album!

"Her voice recalls '90s songstresses Juliana Hatfield and Lisa Loeb, and her debut album, Here We Go, combines acoustic guitar with familiar, made-for-singing-along songs. We defy your kids to keep quiet during "Old MacDonald." 

Sing Loud! is my favorite of Green's albums, and families looking for a kid-friendly album that doesn't necessarily always sound like "kids music" may find this fits the bill. - Stefan Shepherd 

“The Seahorse Song” receives a high honor as a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting contest. (2006)

“Melissa Green also has vocals parents can appreciate. Especially earworthy: the danceable Coo Coo and the closing lullaby. The mix also includes a rendition of Do Re Mi, an a cappella version of In My Heart, and good old 5 Little Monkeys set to music."

"This album has enough substance and slick to entertain kids all the way up to their pre-teens." - Gregory Keer

"Melissa has a knack for blending catchy folk melodies with playful lyrics about sea horses, magic wagon rides and "Chocolate Ice Cream." As if her originals weren't enough, she also breathes new life into old favorites."